The Smoke Shack Sessions

Race agenst time Part 2

Hoots Notes

The low ceiling of the long hall saged under heavy beams. A fog clung to the floor in thick patches, obscuring everything less than 3 feet above the floor. To the south I could see a portcullis, beyond it were shelves of bottles. I waited for a minute and a door opened to my right. Out of the door was an ugly man who looked to be wearing an aporin. He stood in the hall for a moment then went back in the room he came from. My vision faded I told every one what I had seen. So we went down quietly hoping to catch this one by suprise. When we got to the bottom Kef slipped over to the door where the Man had come from. We all hid in the stair way waiting when Maulin noticed somthing funny about the floor right in front of the Portcullis. It was another illusion. About the time he moved to investigate it an arrow flew through the bars from out of thin air. We had to act fast. Heskan jumped trough the false floor. He could see it went under the bars of the portcullis to the other side. We couldn’t see him, but we heard him get hit. Then we heard him call out to us to get over there quick. Kef sprang from the door and used his armor to drop through the floor and fly up the other side. Maulin was soon after. As he went through he called out that they were Medusas. As he did he was cut short. Lanny and I looked at each other then went after them. Keeping our gaze down to avoid thiers, we went to MAULIN WHO HAD BEEN TURNED TO STONE. Lanny shot out a quick ranged spell to distract the fiend. While I removed the spell Maulin was under. He began to move again immediatly returning to the fight. The medusas were hard to fight. They took advantage of the fact that we had to avert our eyes from thier gaze. It was much harder to hit them. The fight seemed to take forever, but we made it with out any one else getting stoned. We did destroy one of the racks of wine. Some 150 bottles of wine sat in dusty shelves. Many different bottles with inked labels, and others with wax stamps. I took a bottle, and put it in my bag. Then opened another, poored some of it, then smelled it. It sure seemed like wine. We took a quick breather, then slipped back through the illusionary trap to the door where I had seen the ugly guy go. Kef swore there were like three or four people in the room. We busted in. Before us was a kitchen. It was ripe with a horrible odor of decay. A huge pot bubbled over a blazing fire in the center of the floor, it’s green muddy contents rolling over and over. Three zombies were stirring the pot. Standing next to a wash board was the ugly Butler. Before I could blink Heskan had cut him down. He cursed us as he fell. I bound his wounds while the others fought the zombies, hoping to interigate him later. Then out of the pot was an explotion of the green slop. A tenticled blob spat out of the pot. It started taking shots at Kef and Maulin. I went over and after a fiew moments of holy might we had wone the fight. I had only been hit once, and it wasn’t serious, but I fealt like I was going to shift. The tingling sensation was all over me, but I didn’t change. I fealt on edge, uncomfertable. Mabey not unconfertable more like I was going to explode with holy energy. I ignored it for the moment though my adreneline was pumping. We went to the door down the hall on the same side as the kitchen. Through the foggy mist the room had nothing to kill. It was a cramped chamber overflowing with junk. Amid the morass of tapestries, rugs, and piled clothes was a sagging bed. Piled on the bed were broken swords, crumpled shields, and dented helmets. The room yielded little to help. The butler was obviously mad. Too bad we couldn’t interigate him, he was too far gone. Across from the room was another door when we checked it out we found stairs going down. I think we are on the right track as far as where Strahds coffin can be found. We turned and checked the last door in the front hall. We will come back to the stairs later after we finish checking out this level.


Caliphalestrian grimjim

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