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Pieces falling into Place

Hutoads Journal

When we arived back in Barovia we first went to the church. I didn’t tell Lady Ashlin that I knew where the sword was. It would complicate matters, besides I think Hesken will be better suited to wield this Sun Sword agenst Strahd. We only stayed at the church long enough for the girls to show us the progress they had made. The Temple looked great they had restored it and were finishing up the floors. Its hard to believe this is the same place we fought Nineran a week ago. Im glad to be rid of her. Then Maulin wanted to go to the Merkentile again. I stayed outside, and judgging by Maulins expression as he came out, I was glad that I did. “What a thief.” Maulin grumbled I looked at him and laughed “what did you expect. I think we would do better if we shopped in Fallchrest.” Lanny smiled “Time to summon the chests.” Kef offered to buy the components to bring the chests to Barovia. So we went to the Bergomasters house. Lanolin and I summoned the chests and we made notes for Doverstaul to follow. Kef unloaded some of his old equipment to make room for the new armor he had found in the mountains. We also wanted to convert the moonstones in to gems to use as spell components. Finally we sent coin to buy potions and components to make more potions. After we had made all the arangements we spoke to the Bergomaster. I told him what we thought about Sergay. That the Sun sword could be there. He told us to wait till it was late and be very descrete because Sergay was concidered a hero in the village. He had been burried here at the request of those in the castle who could not bare to have him burried on the castle grounds. Sergay was a symbol of the peoples hatered for Strahd. We waited till it was very late then made our way back to the cemitary behind the church. There we set up lookout and went to the moselliem dedicated to Sergay. It was impressive even in the dark we could see the statue of a noble holding a large plate in his lap. His plate was empty… Below the statue was a large stone. With some effort Maulin managed to get it to slide to one side. A ten foot wide stair way led down to a chamber. The smell of old death was in the air. We went down the stairs in formation not thinking that the Moselium was laden with traps to keep out grave robbers. Untill Hesken went flying across the room slamming into the wall across the way. The walls started to close in on him so we all backed up and Lanny teleported him out of the chamber. After some thought Lanny and I sent down an unseen servent to help trigger the traps revealing how they worked. We didn’t get much from his tries the trap was very sofisticated, but we did find out there was a keyhole. So maulin went in and managed to get to the door without setting off the traps. He used his magic skeliton key. the door clicked then the walls started to close in on him. Maulin was trying to push the stone clear of the traps but it was too heavy for him alone so we all charged in after him two of us tried to hold the walls. At one point Kef used his spear to block the walls while Hesken, Maulin, and Lanny pushed the stone door open. Struggeling with it, they all got into the burrial chamber. I was the last to get out of the trapped chamber, grabbing Kefs spear as I made it through…. The chamber burst with a blinding light.”Who dare invade the resting place of Sergay the Faithful!” A voice boomed out from the light source. “Grave robbers come to steal my treasure?!” The room was alive with energy. “We come on a quest to distroy you brother. We seek what aid you can offer. We have already come into possetion of the Symbol of Ravenkind.” As I spoke I pulled out the wand with the raven at the end and placed it on the ground before me. ” A mere trinket in your hands. You do not serve my Holy Mother. What help do I have for you who don’t even recognize her power!! I feel the malice in your heart for her. How dare you come here and disterb my peace, I have nothing that would help you. You who see not the love and grace my Holy Mother has given you already!” “Was it her grace that condemed my mother.” I was growling now, ” How dare you speak to we who would seek to put right the wrongs of your Brother, family and Holy Mother!” I fealt Lanolin push me to one side. “Forgive my friend he is not the one who has sought your aid.” We could see an image in the light now, a man standing with his arms crossed, and legs spread. I just dropped to my knees trying to get a grip on my anger and my grief. I must remember that Heskan would be the one to use the sword if we were able to get it from Sergay. I could hear them talking but couldn’t focus on what they were saying Sergei asked Heskan ” You have met my lady before.” and heskan had a memory of being in the precense of Gods while they talked about him (and ignored him). He heard the god Caliphalestrian debating the raven queen about heskan. Caliphalestrian asked why the raven queen had taken him and she replied “His thread was at an end.” “But you know he has another thread that begins anew.” said Caliphalestrian “What does that mean? I have never seen such a thing.” the raven queen countered “Nor have I, but I do know it means we must return him.” said Caliphalestrian shortly before Heskans memory went dark. Hesken was telling the light about his resurection, from the Raven Queen, and that Calestrephan had come to her and bid her to let his soul free to return to this realm. Sergay was drawn to Heskan, some how they had seen eye to eye. Heskan had convinced him that he could bear the burden of the sword. Sergay spoke to each of the party examining thier intentions and measuring them in quality. Each of my friends held thier own when questioned. “You know not my brothers power, he holds dominion over all of the land.” “Not any more.” Lanolin interupted. She told him of our recent success, with the fanes, and how we were going to face the last one in the swamp soon. “I still sence there is one of you who harbors ill will twards my Queen. Why would you hold The Raven Queen in such contempt?” I looked at him and measured my tone I needed to keep my head here. Lanny looked at me pleading for restraint. “If you would hear my story I would tell it.”I spoke softly.” The Image dimmed a little, and he uncrossed his arms. “I would hear every thing tis a long time since I spoke to the living, and I sence the burden you bere is of real concerquence.” This is not my enemy I told myself… I relaxed then told him the story from beginning to end. Anet, Frost Orcus, Kallorell, and now Strahd. He was transfixed by our story realizing we were all tied to a common fate. Then he smiled. “You are right to come here. Strahd is a puppet of Orcus. I now see your intentions are true and pure, but not all that you know is what it seems.” He was looking at me. “There is much you have yet to discover, and my Queen will bless your efforts if only you surender this rage, and allow her to bless you and your friends.” “My fight is with Orcus who holds my mother captive in hell. Your Queens only transgression agenst me is jealocy of my mother. I know her hatred for Orcus is long justified so why…” Sergay interupted me, “Not all is how you know, Hutoadius of Pelor, but they will be revealed to you. Now show me you have the power to fight Strahd. Strike at me!” I looked to see if he was serious. Then unleashed the might of my god. Exploding the room with my lords light. I struck him with the light of MY HOLY FATHER. I don’t think he was prepared for such a strike. Before any of the others could act he bid us to stop. “You are the best chance we will ever have.. Take my sword may it serve you well..” He looked at me and smiled, “Good Luck.” Then Heskan was holding an amazing piece of weapon. A gem encrusted sword that radiated living energy. “Thank you. We will honor you memory, and ensure your tomb is returned back to its original state.” Hesken bowed.. Sergay responded one last time as he began to fade from our sight. “A message for my brother…tell him I will see him in Hell.” then he was gone. The sword was ours! We made the tomb back to the way it was then went to the church. I felt compelled to pray and give thanks to Pelor for our fortune. I also asked my lord to help me to understand the Raven Queen’s part in all of this. Our next step was the Swamp Fane. So we went back to the Bergomasters waited for our chest to return. When it did it was full of every thing we had requested. Things were starting to come togeather. Now we knew Strahd was an agent of Orcus it was a blood pact after all. I can’t wait to send him back to Orcus wraped in a bow! That also explanes Nineran coming here. Think Iv’e got another jaw bone to colect. Then we all sleped my dreams were troubled. Lanny was playing with the crystal ball all night again I sure hope she knows what she is getting into.


Caliphalestrian grimjim

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