The Smoke Shack Sessions

Like a Snowball Heading for Hell

Hutoadiuses Diary

Kef was able to follow the trail. We followed Madam Eva to an ancient, strange, Monolith where she was calling for aid. Kef was still in kill mode. So he charged in and went after the Forrest Fane, who was standing beside a elaborite alter. Several Hill Giants brumbled out of the woods. Maulin broke off and attacked a Hill giant comming from the north. There were far too many hill giants, and Lanny and Ivan were too far off. It would take another couple of minutes for them to get there. I didn’t like the place we had put ourselves. The odds were strong agenst us Madam Eva looked like she was just getting started. Several of the giants surounded Kef, so I charged up to help. I healed kef, and took a swing at one of the giants. I hit him right in the kneecaps bringing him down to my size. Mabe we could handle these guys after all. Maulin had been suprised by a Battle Chief who had come out of the trees, after Maulin had slain the first giant. He seemed to have his hand full but still managed to blind the Battle chief long enough to land a hit on another giant who was trying to flank me. Finally Lanny and Ivan made it to the party. Ivan went to work on another giant, Lanny stood clear of the fight casting spells. I dodged several attacls, killed the giant with the broken knee cap, and Healed Kef again. Then I saw Madam Eva look at me with a knowing leer. Before I could react she casted a spell that drew her allies to her. I was surrounded… She unleashed a fierce earth attack that knocked me back a couple of feet. Then The Battle Chief hit me with a devistating blow to the head. I fell to the ground, seeing briliant flashes of light as another giant hit me. My only chance was to lay still, and hope they would think they had killed me. Had we got in over our head? I felt another blow hit me. The Battle chief wasn’t fooled. Then every thing went black. I seem to recal another couple of flashes of light, I was still being attacked.?! Looks like my journey ends here. “Forgive me mother.. I wasn’t strong enough.”.............Then there was light. My head was pounding. I heared Maulin grumbling “Open your eyes, Its over.” I did. There were bodies lying everywhere Madam Evas was among them. “It took three healing elixers to bring you back to the living. You were starting to make me nervouse.” The bug bear smiled a toothy smile. “Thanks big guy.” I sat up, my head was a blur still pounding, throbing as if it were going to explode. I blinked, and tried to focuse on my suroundings. Every one was searching the area. Lanny was reading an ancient script on the alter the Forest Fane had been standing by. “It sayes, Death is the cleanser, Life is the Binder.” We both gave each other a knowing look. “We have to bring her back.” My voice was still weak. “As long as she is good and bound. I’m not fighting her again!” I smiled ” Deal. Though I don’t think we have any thing to fear from her anymore.” We searched around for materals to bring the ancient Fane back to the world of the living. We found a gem, but it had a small flaw that couldn’t be fixed. So we summoned one of our magic chests from Fallchrest. Knowing that Doverstaul would find a note with instructions on what we needed him to do. While we waited on him to get us what we needed, we searched the grounds, as well as the Vistani we had killed, for any thing that might help with our quest. Soon the chest reappeared with the materals we needed to raise the Forest Fane. We went up to the Alter, and began the ritual that would take several hours to complete. Lanny had insisted we bind the body incase things didn’t happen the way we expected. Better safe than sorry, she said. About the time that the ritual was complete, a soft glowing light began to emenate from the body of Madam eva. Then in a giant flash the body was gone. Floating above the alter was a beautiful Nymph. Her beauty was hypnotising.”You have freed me from the curse of Strahd. I feel his power over of the forest deminishing.” It seemed that the woods around us were a little lighter. Animals from the forest were watching us talk to the Nymph with thier natural curiosity. “Thank you. You have brought a blessing to a dark dismal land. I wish to grant you a blessing in return.” She raised her hands, and the wind swirled around her. Leafs traced out the patterns that the air currents made around her. She recited an ancient tounge none of us had ever heard. An ancient incantation brought forth from the land itself. As she chanted the air began to blow harder growing in intencity and size untill it surounded all of us. The leafs were not the only things flying around all of us. I began to hear words in my head. I looked at Lanolin, she was already mouthing the same words dancing in my skull. In a few moments I was also chanting along with Lanny and Madam Eva. The alarmed looks on our friends faces showed thier lack of understanding, but they just stood and watched. Then the wind stopped leafs floated to the ground all around us. I looked at lanny, “I feel better than I have in years!” The chant we had just learned was a powerful spell. It was known as The Forest Fanes Remove Affliction. A Powerful ritual that lanolin and I could now cast as a spell. Before anything else was said I tried it out on Maulin. Dispelling the controll the vampire, who had bit him, had over my good friend. “You will find my song useful in the days to come.”The Radiant Nymph smiled at us “We already have!” Lanolin exclaimed, looking at Maulin’s neck where the bite of the vamp once was. I spoke Reverantly “Wise mother of the wood. Thank you for your help, as well the information you gave us. There were a few other questions I ment to ask berore we came to the situation we are in now.” “Ask them I will answer any I can.” Her words were musical like a Hymn. “Who is your sister sumoning? A demon?” “His name is Cherkov. A powerful demon she hopes will help to break the controll Strahd has over her. I can not help you with her she harbors intence hatred for me. Know that she has great power! She is the Mountain Fain, and you will find her in the Lysaga Hills to the south west. My other sister The Swamp Fane is to the south. You would do wise not underestemate either of them.” Kef and Maulin were spell struck by the Radiant Forest Nymph. Her beauty transfixed us all. Except Ivan who seemed uncomfertable in her presence.”Ok we need to go now.” Ivan spoke Impatiently. Madam Eva looked at Ivan. Her gaze seemed to look through him. “Yes, there is much that needs to be done.” Lanny interupted she was troubled the way Madam Eva was looking at Ivan. “Go now with the blessing of the woodlands!” Now the animals that were a distance away were making thier way to the Wood Nymph as she spoke. “May all the paths that lye on your Quest open before you.” She then looked over to me, “Thank you Hutoadius son of Anet, Priest of Pelor. Watch the paths before you for some of them are the roads to Hell.” She smiled when she said this as if it were both a warning and a joke. “I will Wise Mother Thank you again for all you have given us.” The light around her began to glow much brighter, then drew in upon it self, and she,and the animals were gone. I meant to ask her which road we were on.


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