The Smoke Shack Sessions

Final Preperations

Hoot's Dairy

We woke to Lanny vomiting. She was putting the crystal ball in her bag. “You still working on that puzzle?” “Yes I feel I’m making progress.” For all our sakes I hope your right. We gathered all of our equipment including what we got from Fallchrest, and started south for the swamps. I stopped at the church to leave a message for Lady Ashlin. I told her to meet us at the Inn with her friends in two days mabe three that the time to face Strahd was near. Then we left for the final Fane, Xzelba. We travled all that day getting to swamp about midday. We continued south till it was dark. The swamp wasn’t as bad as we had seen in the Fenns, but it was swamp…. We camped out posting guard with Lanny at night 2 hrs each she spent alot of time studieing her Crystal. The next mourning she told us she knew where to go. she was sick again and the suroundings had gotten to her again. Heskan Maulin and I were also weakend by the fear of the suroundings so we used one of the potions on Maulin and Heskan who had suffered the most. We have five of them left… We travled for the next day going mostly south. Then we came to some shallow water clearing in the middle of the small body of water were large bubbles that formed slowly then floated up high in the air, before they popped. Across the water three hundred feet away was a stone alter on a crop of land surounded by trees. We could see nothing on the ground or in the shallow water. Then flying out of the Trees were four harpys Two screatchers, and two bloodfire harpys. All flying way over our heads. Then a Ghost appeared floating above the water where the giant bubbles were fourty feet off the water. The harpys flew around her and she directed them twards us. Kef and Maulin charged out twards the giant bubbles, a good run away, in ankle deep water. There was lots of high steppin, we got a real work out just getting to the fight. The harpies and the ghost were very effective from the air they had attacks that were hitting us from fifty feet in the air. Kef was the first to discover that the bubbles could lift him if he got inside while they were forming. It didn’t take long for us to start using the gas bubbles to lift us high enough to fight the Harpies. They eventually started to attack us on the ground. We all fought long and hard the battle lasted a while because of the harpies ability to fly , but finally we managed to turn the battle in our favor. I made my way to the ghost who finally spoke to us. ” So you are the ones who killed my sisters.” I replied “we saved them and now we are here to save you.” Then I used Pelors light to strike hard on her she came down to the ground where she tried to kill me, but we would not fail she took several hits from Kef, Maulin and me before she finally went down. we finished up the harpys then took a lump of black coal that was the remains of the Fane to the alter. We all rested while Lanolin cast the raise dead to release the fane from Strahds controll. Maulin, and Heskan searched the area at first then came back to rest while lanny finished her spell. In hind sight I should have given more thought to the fact that most ghosts dont have remains when they are distroyed. As Lanny finished the ritual the ghost re appeared, not the Fane… Then three trees around the ghost came to life. I could hear the real fane who had taken the immage of a Treeant. “Im not going down that easy.” she remarked. We were all taken by suprise and they hit us hard. In a matter of seconds we were all tore up pritty bad. The trap was sprung, and we were paying for our lack of thouroughness. I saw red and attacked the ghost, Lanny had just raised, She went down from my strike, then I healed my friends. Some how I managed to get another strike on the Fane. So in a matter of a few more seconds we were catching our breath and making our stand around the alter. Maulin and I drank firebreath potions. It was obvious that the treeants were vulnerable to fire so we all used our attacks with fire to fight this Final Fane. The last Fane Xzelba was the hardest she struck us with burst of lightning and hit us with her massive limbs. The other two ents were also giving us some real trouble. They managed to Swallow Kef inside its trunk. Kef managed to free him self. Then the Fane swallowed Maulin we used our shifting power from our tatoos to help him escape her core. It worked the Ents made the fight last for a while, but the fire managed to help finish them. at last the final Fane was down. All that was left was a knot of wood that looked like a heart. We took that to the alter and raised the final Fane. When XZelba reappeared she was a beautiful Nymph she thanked us for our persoverance. “You will no longer feel the effects of Strahds evil on you. You have managed to do what no others could.” Her other gift to us was Wizards sight. this will be a useful tool for our attack on Castle Ravenloft. After we finished with the Nymph we started back to Barovia. As we went I took out the wand that was The Symbol of the Raven Queen. The memories of what Sergay had said to me. So I tried to use it. An immage came to me of The Queen herself she was crying I heard her say to me ” Im sorry Hutoadius. Not all is how you think it is.” I stopped in my tracks Lanny could see somthing was wrong so she asked me what happined I told every one what I saw, and decided that I would use this gift agenst Strahd. I must Pray hard on this. The Queen must know more than I am privy too.’ Please my lord Pelor open my eyes to the truth help me to reaferm our purpose. Let me be the light in this dark land that I might dispatch those who serve the darkness. Strahd must die. Please be with those who Strahd has stolen from this town of Brovia give them strength to hold on for a little longer.’


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