The Smoke Shack Sessions tells the tale of a group of hero’s that hope to rise up and take on Orcus to finally put right his heinous crimes against Anet and free her from her undeath.

Chapter 1

Their journey has taken them to Winterhaven where the thwarted the plans of Kalarel to reopen a portal to the shadowfell and wiped out a nasty band of gnolls who sacrificed humanoids to the aberration Abberjam. During this they have become the center of a prophecy that foretells the return of Orcus. They have confirmed thier partnership by each inking a symbol of a white rabbit upon their chest. Indeed the renown of White Rabbit grows.

Chapter 2

Now they turn south, toward the Witchlight Fens, an impassable swamp, in hopes of finding Desmond Ardant. and gaining his assistance in sealing the portal forever. The swamp lived up to it’s reputation, first taking the party’s honor when they traded symbols of their quest for powerful weapons. Next it claimed one of the party’s own when Heskan sacrificed himself to regain his God’s favor and the party’s lives.
The party meets Beauregard the demon butler of archmage Desmond Ardant. who grants them an audience with Desmond. The party asks Desmond’s favor who requests a year of service in return. He offers to waive the year service if they will slay an unruly neighbor,Abraxas the adult black dragon. Lanolin seems to come to an uneasy alliance, and Desmond insists the party take Ivan Mazeppa along as his agent.
Our hero’s fight valiantly though it takes everything they have got to defeat Abraxas. After the battle the Kef and Ivan come to blows when Ivan seems to have second thoughts and makes peace.

Chapter 3

Sister Linora sends word that the Paladin Ashylan requests help in the village of Bovaria in the lands north of “Nentir Vale”. Upon arriving in Barovia they confront a town over run with undead. The residents made a small stand in the town center. The hero’s meet Ashylan and then proceed to the church where they find the cause of the zombie outbreak is non other than their old nemesis Ninaran. After dispatching her they learn the power to raise the dead. Now that the zombie incursion has ended it is clear that the real threats to these lands is the Lord of the lands…Count Strahd Von Zarovich. The heros seek consultation with the leader of the Vistani Madam Eva who reads their fortunes before they dispatch her and then use their rituals to raise the now purified Nymph back to life. They proceed to the other fanes in turn blocking the summoning of a powerful demon and having an ugly bit of business with a crazy dwarf and an evil mask. Finally well prepared and armed with the Sunsword and the Holy symbol of Ravenkind they enter the Castle of Strahd and are welcomed by the master to attend his wedding. The hero’s quickly wear out thier welcome when they destroy the dayheart and render Strahd invulnerability to Radiant powers null. They proceed to fight Strahd and his many servants many times, each time beating him back to his coffin. Finally they were able to locate his resting place before their final confrontation at the wedding party, saving the soul of Ireena Kolyana from the horrors of marriage to Strahd.

Chapter 4

With the destruction of Strahd the people of Barovia swear their loyalty to White Rabbit and the party sets up home in Castle Ravenloft. After spending some time on clearing the lands of minor threats and establishing laws, policies, and arrangements the party decides that to fund their ongoing interests that it would be wise to establish trade routes with Barovia’s neighbors. Maulin and Kef set off for Thunderspire Mountain and the Seven Pillared Hall, while Hutodius and Lanolin head to fallcrest before Lanolin must return to finish her part of a bargain with Desmond Ardent.

Chapter 5

Lanolin fulfills her agreement with Desmond Ardent, but at what cost? It turns out Desmond was tricked by the demon Beauregard that he sought to control. When the demon manifested as Lanolin’s baby another piece of the prophecy was fulfilled. The next piece of the prophecy foretells the rise of a new Exarch of Orcus.
The party reunites in Barovia. Maulin and Kef detail their adventures in Thunder-spire Mountain and the proposition that was laid before them. Apparently the Duregar and Goblins are warring. This is preventing trade with the drow city of Phaervorul. White rabbit will be paid 30% of the profits if they will travel to the drow city and re-establish trade.

The Smoke Shack Sessions

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