Ivan Mazeppa


(The following is the first paragraph of the handbook describing humans and battleminds – both apply to Ivan. Picture may be changed if I can find a better one.)

“Humans are decisive and sometimes rash. They explore the darkest reaches of the world in search of knowledge and power. They hurl themselves into danger, dealing with consequences as they arise. They act first and ponder later, trusting their will to prevail and their native resourcefulness to see them through perilous situations.”

“As wanderers, mercenaries, and adventurers, battleminds are carefree warriors who seek only to test their skill against the mightiest and most dangerous opponents. Battleminds possess a potent combination of psionic and physical skill, allowing them to use their magic to manipulate and deceive their foes even as their fighting skill lets them carve a swath through enemy ranks. Battleminds tend to be bold and sometimes arrogant, an attitude earned through bringing ruin to enemies over the course of many conflicts.”

Both his origin and purpose for siding with Desmond Ardent are currently unknown to the rest of the party. Ivan appears to be neither good nor evil, nor religious in any apparent way. While not being outright rude, he clearly considers himself to be above the other members of the party.

Ivan Mazeppa

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