Desmond Ardant.

Arch Mage.


A wizard of some renown, the party sought his aid at the recommendation of Douven Staul

Desmond’s tower resides deep in the Witchlight Fens and requires passing many tests to enter. It was during these tests that the noble Heskan gave his life. Desmond agreed to help the party seal the portal in the shadowkeep. He waived his usual fee of 1 year of service in exchange for the party killing Abraxus, an Adult black dragon that had eaten his favorite gryphon. Lanolin also struck a deal with him, but only they know the details. Ivan is indebted to Desmond for helping him learn to control his psyonic abilities, and has agreed to protect Lanolin.

Desmond also uncovered the next step in the prophecy…A powerful demon will be brought to this plane.

Desmond Ardant.

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