Mother of Hutodias and Frost.


Anet is wife of Storm and mother of Hutodias and Frost.


Her husband Storm was killed in battle. During Anet’s faithful grieving she prayed furiously to Pelor. He in turn heard her prayers but in doing so fell in love with her, not only for her physical beauty which was considerable, but also for the pure emotion and intense passion that burned in her grief. As her morning passed he began to court Anet. This caught the attention of the Raven Queen who became furiously jealous that Pelor would show a mere mortal favor while overlooking a goddess such as herself. The Raven Queen enlisted the help of Orcus to lay a trap for Anet and upon succumbing Anet was transformed into an undead slave, a play thing for Orcus.

Knowing that he could not openly act against other Gods over their treatment of a single mortal Pelor showed her sons Hutodias and Frost a vision of what transpired so that they may know the truth of thier mothers fate,and bid you to train hard and seek revenge. From that day her sons single purpose in life has been to seek to free your mother and seek revenge on the Raven Queen and Orcus.


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