The Smoke Shack Sessions

Unwelcome return.

Hoot's noot's

Loth, stood before us in her true form the largest Drider I had ever seen. She radiated magic; the webs around her were alive with activity. Small spiders crawled all around her. Loth’s appearance was terrifying, her face and upper torso were of a beautiful Drow elf, with large bare breasts, her waist attached to a giant spider body. That was where her beauty ended. As she stood atop the central dais Her gaze fell on Kef. This was the moment I feared. For a long moment they had each other’s gaze.
It was obvious that they were communicating telepathically. Kef finally spoke aloud. “I graciously decline your offer for I serve no one.”
This enraged the Spider queen she finally spoke aloud “You use my gifts, but don’t want to pay the price. Foolish mortal I shall take them back!” with a wave of her hand Kef began to ooze from every pore and orifice he had a thick green ooze that smelled of death. Then The Queen of the Drow marched down the web back to her abyssal lair.
In seconds Kef was dead. As if that wasn’t enough of a shock. Heskans new found sword spoke again. “ I hate that Bitch.” We all heard it and jumped from the surprise. “Her gifts always carry a heavy price.”
Lanny went over to Kefs remains she was visibly shaken. “He is a mess.. I hope we can help.” Kefs body had been reduced to a large blob that was soaked into the web of the dais we stood on.
The sword spoke again. “I can help him Plunge me into his remains.” Heskan held his sword up his eyes were curious.
“Ok sword, I am your new master. I know you are called Mychydow. What is your purpose?”Heskans scales were bristling almost like when the hair stands on my neck.
“My Original Purpose was to serve Zitheran doing Orcus’s bidding. In your hands I would like to declare my new purpose… To kill Orcus.”
“I think I like this guy.” I put in “Give him a chance. He shares our fate now.”
Heskan cut the blob that was Kef, with Mychydow. In a flash Kef was standing there, he blinked at us. There was something wrong. I could sense Undeath around him. Then he went bizerk charging strait at Heskan. “We need him more alive than this! Mychydow?”
The sword replied “That is not in my power to bestow.”
Kef was in full battle rage striking at Heskan with deadly swings from his spear.
“If we don’t act fast were going to have two dead friends.” Maulin put in.
“Kill him again then we will take him from this cursed place to raise him.” I didn’t like the words coming out of my mouth neither did my friends, but there was little else we could do. So Maulin and Heskan managed to grapple him down enough for me to get a shot at his head with my hammer. The little bastard is just as tough in undead form it took four direct blows from my hammer to turn out the lights.
So there lay Kef dead again, this time his body looked more like himself. Excluding the crushed skull and wounds covering his body from Maulin and Heskan’s blows. We gathered up his body and made for the exit as quick as we could.
Lanny went to work on the spell to raise our beloved friend. The time it would take to bring him back crawled by. Then Lanny looked up at me with tears in her eyes. “I can’t reach him! He is too far gone.” The tears streamed down her face.
The sorrow that washed over me turned to anger. “You’re not getting out that easily you grumpy old dwarf! Lanny get me twice the components. We’re not done yet!” I fell over him and uttered a Prayer to Pelor. Then meticulously went about the ritual. Paying attention to every nuance. I felt the realm of the dead all around me. Then there he was his spirit lingering at some gate. I called to him and he came.
Kef sat up to cheers. We all hugged him ignoring his protests. “Would you all give me some air? What happened and why do I have a splitting headache?” We all exploded with laughter.
“its better you don’t know.” Maulin patted the dwarf on the back.
We were in the Temple of the false Priestess, and had lingered there long enough saving our friend. It was time to go face the Matron. It was an uneventful trek back to the doors of her lair. There we knocked and waited for a time.
“The Matron might be displeased that Kef didn’t accept her queen’s gift’s.” I warned Lanny agreed
“We need to be ready for anything.” She lowered her voice as the doors finally opened.
We were led back through the torture chamber to her main audience hall. She was there along with a whole host of Drow. Standing next to the stone dais where Matron Ulveran brooded was an enormous Devil. He looked at us with Hungry eyes. The meeting was short, she went on about how we had insulted her Goddess, and that there would be no trade. While she prattled on our group used our battle signs to let each other know that we were about to fight.
I don’t know who threw the first blow, but I know who threw the last. With the help of Kef and Heskan we killed the Devil then I smashed in the face of the Matron. I think her queen underestimated our power and our purpose. Too bad for her. The rest was just clean up there were a few more drow who had managed to take down Maulin. He lay unconscious for only a short time until I came and got him to his feet. Lanny searched the area for more threats but it appeared that in the heat of battle we had killed every one in the Matron’s lair Including the Ogre guards and all of the jailers. We spent a week checking the rest of the enclave there were a few more skirmishes. We even had to slay some young drow who would not flee. The smart ones fled. When we were done we had our fill of treasure 90000 in coin and gem and the Mask of the Matriarch.


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